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Go on a culinary journey through Italy with Aurora, and savor authentic local Italian delicacies. The finest of seasonal ingredients and produce, wines and cheeses, are sourced by our head chef directly from Italy.

Our chef’s secret pizza recipe is a must-try. Baked at 340°C oven after 48-hours of preparation, it is perfectly crisp and soft. Served with a fresh seafood platter, it is a great moment to share with your loved ones.

Another favorite is our Home-style spaghetti which follows a traditional recipe using semolina flour. It is truly Italy in every bite.

Sip on delicious award-winning wines and admire the panoramic views of Macau on our outdoor terrace. This is La Dolce Vita.

20200521_Aurora_Tomahawk Steak_戰斧牛排_7656.jpg
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