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Imperial City 御苑

7/F, South West Tower, Convention Plaza, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong

+852 2829 7980

Hong Kong


Imperial City 御苑
An elegant Chinese restaurant offering the best value and finest Cantonese cuisine.
The Imperial City features dim sum, stir fired Cantonese dishes freshly prepared by the chefs, and a great choice of irresistible sweet temptations. The restaurant is the perfect place for business entertainment, family gatherings or dinner with friends. Prestige banquet hall cater up to 25 tables of Chinese or Western banquet, flexibility for organizing meeting and conference events
餐廳專門供應點心佳餚, 港式小菜和難以抗拒的甜點,美食惹人垂涎,絕對是商務應酬或親友良朋共敍的理想之選。另外一間可容納二十五席的多用途宴會廳, 為不同中西式宴會或會議提供貼切餐飲服務。

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