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Moon Lok Chiu Chow 滿樂潮州

Shop 405, L4, FoodLoft, Mira Place One, 132 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

+852 2157 9949

Hong Kong


Moon Lok Chiu Chow holds the meaning of “Full of Happiness”, comprising three styles of Chiu Chow cuisine – Street style (Daa Laang), Hong Kong-inspired & Southeast Asian style. The Daa Laang cuisine is centered around street comforts and local delicacies served in casual setting. The Hong Kong Style uses more refined ingredients and hand-crafted dishes which are meticulously prepared for hours to create complex and well-balanced gourmets. The last style, is the Southeast Asian take on traditional Chiu Chow cuisine and fusion dishes, such as Bak Kuh Teh, Noodles in Soy-marinated Goose Broth and Chow Kway Teo.
滿樂由三家潮菜流派--南洋、傳統 及港式潮菜的精髓融合而成。

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