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Sang Kee Seafood Restaurant 生記海鮮酒家

2f, 3 Tsuen Wah St, Tsuen Wan

+852 2575 2239

Hong Kong


Sang Kee Seafood Restaurant 生記海鮮酒家
There’s a good reason Hong Kong institution Sang Kee - the traditional Cantonese food is delicious, with seafood a speciality. Order the famous fish congee, with limited availability, or the salt baked chicken, sweet and sour pork, prawns in soy sauce or perfectly cooked Chinese greens. They’ve been buying from the same seafood supplier for decades, and many dishes are still painstakingly made the old-fashioned way. Don’t expect fancy stemware and fawning service, however — this restaurant is best enjoyed with friends and family who like it casual, loud and affordable.

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