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日期 Date: 2016.10.13

時間 Time: 12:00 – 19:00

地點 Venue:  中華廚藝學院 香港薄扶林道145號職業訓練局薄扶林大樓7樓  
                   Chinese Cuisine Training Institute 7/F.145 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong


Please fill out the form overleaf and return by email, fax, or mail for examination and verification by the committee.

活動形式 details
主題:真之味 theme: taste of origin


每隊需於指定時間內 (90 分鐘),現場進行製作和菜色烹調,並由評審團進行試食及評審;
Each team must prepare and present within 90 minutes;

派出參賽地區由南海、番禺、順德、香港、澳門、臺灣、及亞洲各國派出 6 位廚師組隊以團隊形式參加,共十個隊。

Participants were split into ten teams of six, each team comprise 1 team captain, total 6 chefs, total with ten teams;

現場設 12 個比賽爐頭,經抽籤後每隊使用1組爐頭;
One induction stove tops provided byorganizer to be used.

3. 菜式規格 Entry details and requirements
菜式能展現中華料理飲食文化特色,並具一定創意 ;

每隊分別製作 Each serving shouldincluded :  
□  頭盤 Appetizer
□  湯 Soup
□  熱葷 – 家禽 / 蔬菜 Hot - Poultry or Vegetable  
□  熱葷 – 海鮮 (由大會提供) Hot - seafood (each team received a black box containing identical ingredients)
□  主食 - 粥 / 粉/ 面 / 飯(任擇其一) Main - Congee or Noodle or Rice
□  甜品  (糕點或糖水) Dessert
Participant has to prepare the ingredients, garnishes & sauces.
Total cost of ingredients should not exceed the specific amount .

每個團隊對 6 個廚師分工安排,每個廚師分別製作 1 個菜式,每款菜式均須製作分量如下:
Six (6) chefs including pastry chef & 5 chef & and team captain:
一份    供展示及拍照片 (可選擇位上或碟上) One platter for display
五人份 供評審團試食評分(可選擇位上或碟上)   One Platter for Five persons to give the jury tasting

4. 獎項 certificates and awards
根據菜式的 ”色”、”香” 、”味” 、”形”在參加交流的菜道菜式中評選出團隊獎項及個人獎項
The respective medals and certificate of awards will bepresented participant:

Team award

•個人獎項 至尊金、金、銀、銅
Individualaward : distinction gold, gold, silver, bronze

•參賽証書 完成比賽的參賽者可獲頒參賽証書乙份
Every contestant completed the competition will be presented with a certificate, and the winner will beawarded with a trophy.

Full Chefs uniform, hat,shoes and apron are required during the ceremony.