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Become a Member 成為會員

As an AOC member you belong to F&B expert, a global community of researchers, practitioners, and professionals who share your passion for catering.

Membership is open to any person who is a chef or chief or Sommeliers; Practitioners of hotels, directly involved or holding a post equivalent hereto in restaurants or hotel; Associated with professional knowledge and skill in cookery, culinary or beverage arts; Top management level in business of beverage or culinary related business. 

Membership shall commence on payment of the prescribed annual dues

Members Benefits 會員權益

Editorial feature in AOC publications.
Enjoy the priority to attend Seminars, Familiarization tour, Gala dinner, Catering appreciation, Thematic exhibitions and other activities at a discounted rate or free-of-charge for specified events.
Acquire publications, including newsletter, member circular, e-mail broadcast, industry alert story and etc. 


For an annual general meeting (AGM), by all the members entitled to attend and (1) vote at the meeting.


All members should comply with AOC constitutions and the membership rules; proactively take part in its activities, and strive for the development of AOC and the hotel industry.
所有成員應當遵守憲法AOC和會員規則; 積極參加各項活動,努力協助AOC的會務以至行業的發展。


Member Obligation & Rules 會員義務及規則
Asian Art of Cuisine Society (hereunder “AOC”) reserves the right to reject applications for Membership, to revoke, cancel or suspend any membership status, or take other action at its discretion, at any time with immediate effect and without written notice or liability to any Member, if the Committee believes: the Member has (1) violated any of the membership rules, (2) failed to pay any bills or accounts for the participating activities when charges are incurred, (3) acted in a manner inconsistent with applicable law, regulations or ordinances, (4) engaged in any misconduct or wrongdoing in connection with the Membership, or (5) engaged in abusive, fraudulent, inappropriate, or hostile conduct in connection with the Committee.


Nothing in the Membership Rules will limit the Committee from exercising any legal rights or remedies that it may have.
The Committee has the sole discretion to interpret and apply the Membership Rules, and all questions or disputes regarding these Membership Rules will be resolved by the Committee in its sole discretion.


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