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Café Circles

9/F, Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West, 8 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan

+852 2280 2868

Hong Kong


Café Circles
Café Circles is a unique setting for any occasion. Centred around a 12-metre-long communal table that encourages everyone to be social, the café attracts a crowd who loves its famous buffet.

Open all day, and the perfect place to congregate or escape, Café Circles serves delicious international and Asian food, to a backdrop of views across Tsuen Wan and the Rambler Channel.
Café Circles全日提供多款國際佳餚和特色亞洲美饌,令人目不暇給,設計時尚高雅,特高樓底;餐廳寬敞,座位舒適,加上開揚的城景和海景,吸引來自各地的美食愛好者,品嚐滋味的國際自助餐美食。餐廳可容多達200人,適合家庭歡聚和商務酬酢。

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