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Canton pot

1131 Canton Road, Mong Kok, Hong Kong

+852 5971 0088

Hong Kong


Canton Pot
Taking hotel dining and local flavours to a new height, canton pot specializes in contemporary pot cuisine. Through a reinvention and fresh produce, canton pot has created one of the best authentic hotpot menus in Hong Kong and is famous for its premium soup bases and homemade dumplings. This 74-seat specialty restaurant has a main dining hall and 7 private rooms. Those seeking some meal time entertainment and enjoy singing can reserve the largest private dining room with its very own karaoke system.
要數全城最頂尖的火鍋體驗,canton pot 必屬首選。惹味的湯底、新鮮優質的食材及精心調配的醬料,令它非同凡響。此外,餐廳特製鮮美多汁的手工餃子也遠近馳名,大獲好評。另設有七間豪華的私人廂房,讓你可盡享一頓私人晚宴,或是盡情播放音樂,投入卡拉OK 派對之中,度過盡慶的一夜。

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