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TM's By the Den

23 High Street Sai Ying Pun

+852 2872 6288

Hong Kong


TM's By the Den
By the same family behind The Den, TM by The Den puts the spotlight on Peruvian cuisine with a strong focus on fresh seafood. Ceviche is a must-try here, and TM's by The Den whips up a tasty selection of the marinated raw fish. Try the Octopus Ceviche, seasoned with a passion fruit-infused tiger’s milk and served with ribbons of sweet potato. There’s also a Sea Bass Ceviche with diced mango for a refreshing touch, as well as a Mixed Ceviche of sea bass, octopus and tuna for those who want a taste of everything. For mains, the Pescado De La Leche is a rare dish that puts an ocean’s worth of seafood into, well, one fish. Take apart the whole fish to reveal a stuffing of plump scallops, prawns and meaty mussels. Be sure to save room for dessert here. The Maltesers Cheesecake is a popular treat amongst the sweet-toothed, but purists will enjoy keeping to the Peruvian theme with a more traditional Tres Leches — a south American-style cheesecake made using three types of milk, and topped with shaved coconut.

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